"There were two aspects of the styling for our wedding breakfast that I didn't want to miss: light and smell. I had the idea of tea cup candles as centrepieces but was not so inspired by the ones I found online.

Then I walked passed Helen's Leadenhall market stall and there they were. Beautiful vintage teacup candles. But, not any old teacups. These were special, carefully sourced by Helen from a variety of eras dating as far back as Peel. I loved that sense of history. And the smell - gorgeous.

Helen then sourced teacups for me based on my colour theme and filled each one using excellent quality eco-friendly wax and organic oils. I know this because they burned for such a long time and, at one point, I walked into the reception room and there was a beautiful glowing light and a wonderful aroma of geranium, lemon verbena and bay and lavender, which, combined with the scent from my flowers, was unforgettable.

Not only are Helen's teacup candles beautiful but Helen herself provided an amazing, personal service. After just a couple of conversations, she knew exactly the image I was trying to create and came up with the idea of adding matching jugs and sugar bowls to the centrepieces. Genius! I've lost count of the number of guests who asked me where I sourced them..."

Helen & Ralf, married 2012